About Us

About Us

The Japan Society for Disaster Recovery and Revitalization is an academic society organized by researchers in the field of disaster recovery and revitalization studies, those working on actual reconstruction work, and members of the media. We do not just focus on research, but are striving to join hands with people working hard for recovery and revitalization of the disaster-hit areas, disseminate the message from the sites, and pass on it to the next generation. We aim to create a society where everyone can live at ease. 

Before the establishment of our society, its founders who shared the same ideals for disaster recovery and revitalization launched the preparatory committee in the fiscal year 2007. Then, we began our activities as the Japan Society for Disaster Recovery and Revitalization when we hold the first academic conference to commemorate the inauguration in the Kwansei Gakuin University on January 13 and 14, 2008.

Our main activities

1. Academic conference
Hosting an annual academic conference to present our study results and have discussions on them.

2. Collection of papers
Accepting peer-reviewed papers and publishing a collection of the papers regularly.

3. Academic journal “Disaster Recovery and Revitalization Review”
Publishing our journal “Disaster Recovery and Revitalization Review” which features current issues and introduces our study results. Also, accepting contributed articles for the journal.

4. Newsletter
Publishing a newsletter several times a year in order to provide various information on our activities, details of our academic conference and study results, and opinions exchanged among our members.

5. Support for study groups
Soliciting study groups and supporting them, with the aim of promoting academic activities and encouraging any efforts contributing to improving assistance in the disaster-affected areas.

Name of Organization
Japan Society for Disaster Recovery and Revitalization

Date of establishment
January 13, 2008

c/o Institute of Disaster Area Revitalization, Regrowth and Governance, Kwansei Gakuin University
1-155 Uegahara 1banchō, Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan

Katsuya Yamori (Professor, Kyoto University)

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